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Written by Emily Bishop Greenacre of

There was a time when I worried about when my next manicure would be, whether to wear the shocking pink or cobalt blue kitten heels and I was obsessed with when the Other Stories Sale started. Things have changed and now there is a whole new set of things that only us outdoor girls will understand...


1. Your friends will not understand why you want to get cold, wet and muddy all the time. But for us these are the things that make what we do exciting. You will find us barefoot and grinning from ear to ear. We don't care how we look just how we feel.


2. Manicures are out - anyone who climbs will realise that nail polish does not mix well with pinch, pockets and jug holds. Outdoor women have dirt under their nails, tan lines, freckles, and natural highlights. Their hair is always au naturel and they don't need Salt Spray to give their hair 'texture'.


3. Outdoor women would always prefer to be up a mountain than in a shopping centre. Rather than comparing the number of pairs of shoes they have with their friends they will open their wardrobes to be greeted with piles of jackets for every weather eventuality, a pair of trousers for every type of activity and so many beanies that they have their own dedicated cupboard.


4. We have drawers full of outdoor kit rather than makeup and handbags and we love getting in there now and again and sorting out the climbing rack (come on, don't we all just love that sound?). Instead of arranging our lipsticks in colour order we will sort our maps in to number order.


5. We get so excited when we find a new outdoor brand, only to realise that their women's range is a fraction of the men's and only comes in pink, turquoise and purple. Come ON outdoor brands, get your shit together will you!?


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