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Written by Thomas Robinson of


The king of the super stove, the quick boil leader. Everyone has heard of the Jetboil range. These things perform without a doubt, but the question is are they worth the price tag? The Jetboil was the first ever stove I purchased, a big leap into the unknown for someone just starting out.


Heres my first ever Jetboil Minimo, sat aside me deep in the North Yorkshire Moors, the weather slightly dulling my mood I pulled this bad boy out hoping a hot coffee would turn the day around even if just slightly. I picked up this model in a Go Outdoors sale, I paid around £70 so I was over the moon I managed to get such a  bargain.

Where do I start, you can feel the quality. I mean literally feel it. The finish of the product is flawless, I chose the Minimo cause of the lower profile cup (I wanted to be able to eat directly from it without having to dirty another dish) I was also swayed by the coated handles directly on the cup (The Zip and Flash models have a teflon piece of material instead)

From the measuring cup in the base to the pot stand in the lid, everything fits exactly as it should. I was also glad to have a regulator on the gas input... I mean who wants to burn everything?


So this is where it starts, I was hooked.


I was intrigued by the Jetboil Hanging Kit;  Could this triangle really support a litre of water boiling away? So of course I had to find out. Two days later, the kit arrived. I immediately took it out for a test run and again I wasn't disappointed. The system was incredibly lightweight (Only 54g) so I didn't even notice I had it in my pack. It was easy to put together, took the weight of my stove and was a great addition to the set-up.


This stove for me could have so nearly featured in one of my previous posts 'Size Matters... Small carry items I never leave without'. For how compact and carry worthy this is, it packs a punch.


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