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Written by Ashley Beolens of


The plan for 2017 was to get out camping with the family, outdoor adventures for all of us. For Zoe and Bubs this would be new experiences, for Tubs a common practice he has with his mum, and for me a step back to when I was under 30 and much fitter, but our tent is to be the Coleman Mosedale 5 a new season tent exclusive to Go Outdoors.

After our first experience camping at the birdfair this is the Coleman Mosedale 5 Tent – Review.


There were two things we were looking for in our first tent, something light enough to carry without a car, but something that 4 of us would be able to use comfortably (yeah there is little to no hope of my 17 year old


son joining us, he HATES camping). At about 17kg the Mosedale 5 fitted the weight description (maybe not that light, I carried it on my back across birdfair and it was quite heavy, but on a small trolley will be OK) and as a 5 man tent we thought it would be fine for a family of 4.


Our first attempt at putting the tent up, was at Birdfair, and with two of us, Me + Zoe & Tubs (they counted as one person here), and it wasn’t hugely difficult, in fact having not put a tent up in well over 10 years it still took under 30 mins, the three pole set up was easy enough, the only really tricky part getting the metal pins into the end of each pole (well one end was harder than the other).

I have to admit I watched the Coleman YouTube video on how to set up a couple of times prior to actually going away, but that just made sense to me. – You can view it here: Coleman Mosedale 5 Tent on YouTube actual pitching starts at 2.45.


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