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Buck Knives’ Selector 2.0 Interchangeable Blade Kit

Written by Brandon Elijah Scott of


Today, I wanted to feature the awesome interchangeable blade set by Buck Knives, known as the Selector 2.0. Buck Knives is known as one of the top blade makers in the world, and having tested several of their survival, EDC and cutlery knives, I can attest to that sentiment. The blades are always crafted very strong, very sharp, with a quality of longevity that is rare in a lot of the mass marketed blade makers these days. Buck Knives understands that quality is paramount above all else, and their Selector 2.0 is a great representation of this.

Buck Knives’ Selector 2.0 is an interchangeable blade set that gives the user the ability to move fluidly between three separate blade styles, which can take your folding knife from everyday use to serrated splendor, and even to gut hook. So if you’re a camper or wilderness explorer, you can have the reliability and versatility of the general use survival blade, yet also be able to hunt, as you can quite literally carry one knife, yet be able to field dress an animal, precision cut just about anything, and you can serrate whatever comes your way.

For me, I tend to lean toward carrying less while having more, and the Selector 2.0 fits that need, because when trekking long distances, you never want to be burdened by too much weight, nor do you want to use up all your space by carrying several similar items. Find what works best for all of your wants and needs, and carry little else that you don’t consider an almost necessity. The Selector 2.0 comes in a nice little pouch that keeps everything closed up tight and safe, which really helps when I’m covering a lot of ground.


The Selector 2.0 is perhaps more meant for hunters, but I see it worked great for any outdoors enthusiast, because when you’re out in the wilderness, you never know what might befall you, so it’s always best to be as prepared as possible. Included in the Selector 2.0 kit is a drop point, drop point serrated and a gutting blade, so whether you need to clean, cut with precision, cut aggressively, or field dress, you have everything you need in one quick and easy to use setup.


Each blade is heat-treated with Buck’s 420HC stainless steel, and is corrosion resistant with an excellent level of wear resistance and durability. The handle of the folding base is a thermoplastic, but feels very nice and heavy duty. The handle is designed to be ergonomic and feels good in-hand, while the mid-lockback design was designed for simple and safe interchanging of the blades. And last but not least, what’s better than a lifetime warranty with Buck’s Famous Forever Warranty.


Overall, I came away very impressed with the craftsmanship and material quality of the Selector 2.0. It’s features are unique and versatile, and work perfectly for a man like me, who enjoys his time outdoors and values premier quality over all else.